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> Pain Types

Common sources of back pain:Injury or trauma: Sports injury, or fall may result in vertebral compression fractures. A tear in the back muscles and ligaments may predispose the discs to bulge or herniate.
Bulging and herniated disc: The gel-like material within the disc can bulge or rupture. It creates irritation, pain and swelling when this material squeezes out and comes in contact with a spinal nerve.
Pinched nerve: When a spinal nerve is compressed, pain may shoot down your hip or leg into your feet. It is called radiculopathy or sciatica.
Osteoarthritis or Degenerative Disc Disease: As discs naturally wear out, bone spurs may form and the facet joints may inflame. The discs sometimes dry out and shrink, losing their flexibility and cushioning properties. The disc spaces get narrower. These changes can lead to stenosis or disc herniation.
Spinal Stenosis: If discs bulge or protrude, and facet joints enlarge, the spinal canal gets narrower. It compresses the spinal cord and the nerves, causing them to swell and inflame.
Spondylolysis: A weakness or stress fracture develops in one of the bony bridges that connect the upper and lower facet joints.