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Will I be prescribed the Pain Medications I used to take?

In most cases pain control program would include pain management procedures combined with pain medications, muscle relaxants and physical therapy. However each patient is unique and therefore different approaches my be used in each case.

Do I need a referral to see a Pain Management Doctor at your clinic?

We don’t usually require a referral, but we require that your relevant pain treatment history and your treating physician’s notes faxed to our office.  If you have been treated by several doctors (ex., orthopedic surgeon, neurologist, primary care physician, etc) – we need the last visit notes from each of them.

I had Pain Management injections before without result, should I consider them again

It depends. Doctor will need to review your previous treatment history and the notes from other treating physicians as well as your recent radiological studies.

Will I be given any sedation before the Pain Management procedure?

Conscious sedation is an option for the patients who may feel nervous about the procedure. You can read more about it here.